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Original Mini Soap Sampler

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This sampler includes many of our original soaps and more recent formulations. These soaps represent a variety from our line of products that are enjoyed mainly by women. However, some of the soaps included in this sampler are favorites of both men and women.  

Includes an approximate 3oz bundle (total) of the following Beauvivo Soaps slices: Vintage Lemongrass, Midnight, Mint Blossom, Double Mint (New), Indulgence, Obsession, Arctic Breeze, Vintage Unscented, Sweet Lavender, Vintage Patchouli

Because these soap slices are 100% handcrafted they may vary in color and shape. Review the product pages of each soap represented in this bundle. Be sure to check with your dermatologist or doctor before using these bars to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Keep in mind that for our Essential Oil Soaps, the scent is natural and will sometimes be softer than that of fragrance oils. Synthetic fragrance oils are formulated to have a stronger, longer lasting scent. While this is not our main focus, you can find soaps made fragrance oils in our Fragrance Blended Soap Section.


Do you suspect you have allergies or sensitivities:

Our 100% handcrafted products are formulated with natural and certified organic oils, butters, powders, herbs, clays, and teas. Some of these ingredients do include and are derived from natural nuts, kernels, seeds, and fruits. If you have any allergies, or suspect you have allergies, please read the product label before use.


We recommend consulting with your doctor and/or doing a patch test first to ensure there are no reactions to any of the ingredients listed. If irritation does occur, please discontinue use of the product.



We do not claim our products will cure or prevent any disease or medical issues. Please be sure to continue consulting with your health care provider. Please consult your health care provider regarding any questions surrounding health issues or concerns. We are  not a substitute for a medically trained physician.



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