Unscented Soaps

Whether it is due to personal preference or skin sensitivities, we understand not everyone can or even has the desire to use scented bath and skincare products.  Beauvivo’s Unscented Body Bars are formulated with certified organic oils and butters to moisturize and condition the skin. These beautiful minimalistic bars are designed to focus on natural but powerful ingredients provided to us by Mother Nature such as skin-loving clays or minerals.

To those that include clays, each clay will benefit a specific skin type or range of skin types. They will also provide positive benefits such as promoting more balanced production of sebum and assist in unclogging pores and enhancing skin elasticity through light exfoliation. Clays also help alleviate the affects of sunburn, extract impurities from the skin (detoxification), improve hydrating affects of our already moisturizing soaps, and more. More details concerning the benefits of each is included under the description tab.


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