Soap by the pound | 1lb Mixed Grab Bag of Soap Slices and Pieces

Soap by the pound | 1lb Mixed Grab Bag of Soap Slices and Pieces

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During the art of soapmaking there are always extra soap and soap pieces remaining after a new batch is cut fresh from a mold, after planing or beveling soaps, creating sample batches of new designs, and many other instances. 

This is essentially a collage of soap slices, bits, rounds, broken tips, pieces, slivers, and other sizes packaged in a Stamped Natural Cotton Muslin Bag. This is perfect for the indecisive soap lover, hikers, travelers, and general lovers of everything soap. Since these are randomly cut options, they will not be as defined and crisp in shape as our traditional standard sized bars of soap. That is the purpose of these and it is certainly more of a ‘rustic’ option to trying our soaps; an option many of our customers love.

*Wooden Box/mold and decorative container are NOT included with purchase.




We will include a summary of all ingredients included in the Mixed Soap Bag pieces.



Let your imagination run wild. However, you use larger bars of soap you can use these. Our Mixed Soap Bag soap bits work well as hand soaps, are just large enough to use for a quick shower, and come filled with a variety of soap types for you to enjoy. You can add a few pieces to running warm-to-hot bath water to create a nice infusion before you soak or create some decorative soap balls.  





To create soap balls: just take any number of pieces of soaps from the Mixed Soap Bag and grate them into shavings to mold into a newly shaped soap with your hand or a mold of any kind. Be sure to keep them completely dry in between uses.




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