The Potent Capabilities of Lemongrass


Photo: Courtesy of Wikipedia 

There is research that supports the anti-fungal capabilities of lemongrass (a.k.a cymbopogon). Also, certain species are used because of their antiseptic properties; which is due to the chemical constituents Geraniol and Citronellol. Contact dermatitis is also possible unless the oil is diluted properly. Our Vintage Lemongrass Soap is great for normal and oily skin types. 

Lemongrass Citratus is also a superb cooking ingredient. We’ve added it to a number of dishes and even dressings to make quite the tasty meal. Lemongrass is such a pleasant yet potent oil; which is why we use it in a few of our products. One of the newest products being our Lemongrass Body Butters. You can rest assured we properly dilute our oils according to the IFRA (International Fragrance Regulation Association).

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