The Magical Power of Mango Butter

Mango Butter Blossoms

Photo: Courtesy of Wikipedia 

✨✨Mango Butter is such an active ingredient; which is why it’s used in many of our products such as our Midnight Activated Charcoal Soap, Arctic Breeze Soap, The Belvedere Men's Soap, and other. This magical fruit is good both inside and on the outside of your body.✨✨Believe me, it's great as a freshly cut snack and is quite satisfying in a nice, thick, old fashioned fruit smoothie or a protein shake. Ok, back on topic.

Mango Butter (Mangifera Indica L.) contains skin loving phenols. Phenols have been scientifically proven to assist in anti-aging. They do this by helping prevent or reduce progression of certain skin disorders. This is true for minor skin problems such as wrinkles or acne or even more serious, potentially life-threatening diseases such as cancer.


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