For the Love of Soap!

The Importance of Humectants in Skin Care, and why Natural is Best!

Photo by Bennie Lukas Bester What is a humectant? Humectants are particular substances frequently used in skin care products due to their abili...

Olive Oil in Skin Care

Olive oil (olea europaea, from the family Oceacae)is liquid fat extracted through the pressing of whole olives. The majority of olive oil comes from olives grown in the mediterranean basin, with Spain as the largest producer. 

An overview of Vitamin E and Its Benefits

Vitamin E is also a great antioxidant; which is one of the reasons why we use it in our soaps and body butters

Why do you use Dihydrogen Monoxide?

    Dihydrogen Monoxide is certainly one of our most widely used ingredients in soap making. To be completely blunt, we can’t really say we don’t ...


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