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So, you were given or purchased your first bar of handcrafted body bars (soap) from Beauvivo? That's Great! Unlike many commercial manufactures, here at Beauvivo we make our bars without any harmful preservatives. Additionally, our extra long cure time and the use of all-natural and USDA Certified Organic ingredients used to create our products helps ensure you receive a bar that works well and maintains its shape until the last bit. Because these products are void of any harsh preservatives, you do have to learn to use soap a little differently than what you may be used to. Below, we've listed a few things you can do to make sure your Beauvivo Body Bars last for as long as possible.

Store in a cool, dry place

Make sure your soap is stored in a cool, dry place with adequate air circulation. This will keep the bar dry and extract additional moisture (water) from the bar. The more moisture is extracted from the bar, the harder the bar. The harder the bar, the longer the bar will last. We're pretty sure you will want to keep this skin lovin' goodness around for as long as possible. Then again, you can just purchase another bar from us. 

Store in a dark place

Storing your handcrafted soaps from Beauvivo in a dark place will protect the essential oils in the bar from being damaged due to UV exposure. UV light breaks down the structure of essential oils. As a result, their aroma does not last as long as they normally would and their therapeutic benefits are not as effective.

Store similar soaps together

Handcrafted soaps tend to absorb the scents nearest to them. Because of this, try to store like body bars together. For instance, store Roasted Mocha Mint bars with other Roasted Mocha Mint bars, Lemongrass with Lemongrass, etc. You get the idea :)

Use a washcloth or something similar

You’re probably like, duh! Let me explain. Instead of lathering in the bath or shower by applying the bar directly to your skin, use a washcloth, loofah or sisal bag to produce a nice lather from the bar. Set the bar down and away from the flow of water then continue washing using the lathered cloth, loofah or sisal bag. With Beauvivo handcrafted soaps a little goes a long way. You do not need as much to cleanse and moisture your body as you may be accustomed to.

Try not to shower so long!

As difficult as this may be, try to keep your shower time to no more than 7 minutes. 10 minutes is really pushing it. Baths are a little different; you can soak for 20-30 minutes in warm to hot water as long as you use one of our bath salts or milk baths to make your bath an extremely moisturizing experience. The ideal time for a hot shower is between 5-7 minutes since the running water slowly strips and washes away moisture from your body. The longer you’re in a hot shower the less moisture your skin retains. So shower using the steps above, then get out 😉. Lock in that moisture with our amazing Body Butters and your skin will look better, feel better, be less irritated and will love you for it.

Cut your bar in half

Before using, you can cut the bar in half and keep the unused half outside the shower or bath while it continues to dry. After each shower, swap the bars out so each half of the bar has the opportunity to dry between each use.

Use a Soap Saver

This can either be a sisal bag, soap mesh pouch or a wooden soap saver. When using a wooden soap saver, make sure the bottom is elevated a bit from the tub, sink or counter surface and allows the following things to happen: 1. Allows moisture to drain away from the bar. 2. Keeps the bar dry after moisture has drained away and 3. Allows adequate airflow. You still want the bar to dry completely between uses even while using a soap saver. The drier the bar is before use, the better. If you do not have a wooden soap saver, you can get one of ours here. 

Follow these steps and this should help you get the most out of your handcrafted body bars from Beauvivo.


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