Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


This page will share some of the most commonly asked questions we've had to date. Hopefully, these will provide some answers for you if you have similar questions. If you still have additional questions feel free to contact us via our Contact Us Page and submit an inquiry there. We'd love to hear from you!



What do you mean by vegan products?

Currently, every Beauvivo product is animal free. We use plant-based raw materials to formulate our products.

What is used to scent your products?

We use pure essential oils, phthalate-free fragrances or a blend of the two types.

Do you fulfill private label or wholesale orders?

Yes, just contact us for private label of any of our products. If you are interested in wholesale of any of our products feel free to contact us directly and we will forward you to our wholesale linesheet page for standard sized orders. For larger wholesale orders we would like to hear from you as well.

How do I care for my handcrafted Beauvivo Soaps?

You have to use and care for handcrafted soaps a little differently than you do commercially manufactured soaps mainly because artisanal soaps; the majority of the time, do not contain the amount of synthetic materials commercially manufactured soaps do. Here are a few things you can do to make your soaps last longer:

1. Store them in a cool, dry place.
2. Store them in a dark place (for the essential oils in the soaps).
3. Store similar (like scented) soaps together.
4. Use a washcloth or something similar.
5. Try not to shower so long.
6. Cut your bar(s) in half.
7. Use the Beauvivo Wooden Soap Saver

 You can check out our blog post "Here's How To Use Our Soaps" for more detailed information on each of these tips.


What is the Cocus Exfoliating Salt Bar?

The Cocus Exfoliating Salt Bar is a 100% Coconut Oil Salt Soap that was initially created as a General Salt Bar but we found it works great for feet.

What do you mean by “Tradition. Science. Purpose”?

Tradition - is because of deep family ties to soap making (quite a few generations of artisan soap makers exist in my family). You can learn a little more about how I started in the about section of this page.

Science - knowledge of how things work and why they are used in skincare, with a constant desire to understand the chemistry behind each reaction, is coupled with extensive research (new and existing), experimentation, testing and development of each product.

Purpose - Our products are elegant and minimalistic and serve as a beacon for us to promote natural beauty. We believe each individual who uses our products are worth it and we want you to be ok with how you look without excess.

You can learn a little more about us here.

Why do you use Flat Rate Shipping?

We have noticed that; for us, Flat Rate Domestic Shipping works best (at least for now) since the majority of our customers purchase multiple items from us per order. Here are a few tips to take advantage of and save the most in shipping costs when ordering from us.

1. Purchase more than one item. The more you buy the more you save with our Flat Rate Shipping.
2. For Small Flat Rate Sized Purchases - You can purchase up to 4 items (not including gift sets) with the same shipping rate.
3. For Medium Flat Rate Sized Purchases - You can purchase up to 12 items (not including gift sets) with the same shipping rate.
4. For Large Flat Rate Sized Purchases - You can purchase 20 items (not including gift sets) with the same shipping rate.

You can learn more about our Shipping Policy here.

What do you mean by cure times?

Handcrafted Soaps are better the longer they "cure". When a soap cures it part of the process is moisture extraction or evaporation from the soap as long as it is stored properly (cool, dry/low humidity, well ventilated area with adequate air flow). The other part of that is trace amounts of Sodium Hyroxide or Potassium Hydroxide (aka Lye) may still undergo saponification (the process of oils, water and an alkali (lye) being turned to soap). This process is already complete long before you order and receive your Beauvivo Soaps. 

 It is important to know that the less water there is in the bar at the time of use, the longer it will last. We do our best to make sure our soaps cure for at least 6 weeks; 8 weeks is ideal for us but longer is even better. So, when you receive your Beauvivo Bars feel free to do like my mom does; she unpackages the scented soaps and stores them for a minimum of another few weeks. For unscented soaps I've seen her store them for several months at a time before using them.

Then again, you don't have to do all that, haha. You can simply use them as soon as you receive them.

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