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The partnership between Beauvivo & Devoted Human is quite unique. Devoted Human is passionate about providing high-quality, handcrafted pet goods made by American artists and craftsmen. They also value transparency, so customers like you can make informed choices about what you buy and know exactly what we stand for. We here at Beauvivo believe that not just you; but also your pet, can enjoy the benefits of revitalized skin (and also fur) through our high-quality, handcrafted all-natural and organic products.

If you’re not convinced yet, Devoted Human carries three distinct product ranges: cat, dog, and the animal-loving human. Their "For the Cat" section features beds, pottery dishes, ID tags, toys, and even a climbing section. Other products will be adding periodically so be sure to visit them often. Their "For the Dog" section features similar products such as collars and an amazing skin-soothing dog soap (our Libby Bar Pet Soap) made with all-natural and USDA Certified Organic Ingredients formulated specifically for Devoted Human. This bar is so great that you as a pet owner can use it.

Like seriously! We also use it!

The "For the Human" section includes clothing, jewelry, pottery and quite a bit more in addition to their “Etc” sub-sections; which house products outside of the three main categories. There’s a lot to choose from for sure and more will be continuously added. 

Our cute little snuggle puggly!

Devoted Human sources its products through a variety of venues such as arts-and-crafts shows, word-of-mouth referrals, quite a bit of research, and of course artists/craftsmen inquiries. Meredith Bennett, Devoted Human’s founder, travels across the country meeting with various makers to find the most unique and beautiful handcrafted items by the loveliest and most professional artists and craftsmen this country has to offer. Each artist and craftsmen considered for addition to Devoted Human is vetted to ensure quality products and a high level of customer service. In addition to creating unique handcrafted dog and cat-related items, Devoted Human looks for artists and craftsmen who already have business making the purchasing process much smoother for you.

The most important bit of information that connects all of the artists/craftsmen chosen by Devoted Human is they are all fellow animal lovers. Additionally, most of the artists and craftsmen are dog and/or cat parents. The focus is to sell items by devoted humans to devoted humans. We here at Beauvivo are quite honored to be part of this selection of artists & craftsmen and look forward to providing additional products which your pet AND you can enjoy. 

Oh, by the way, the picture above is of Liberty Fouts (aka Libby or Libby Girl) enjoying music and bath time after her initial twenty-minute massage routine.

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