A few ways to use Bay Laurel

Bay laurel

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Bay Laurel comes from the Laurus nobilis tree. Bay Laurel Essential Oil is a powerful essential oil contributing many effective benefits surrounding healthfulness to the body. You may know of Bay Laurel by another alias; “Bay Leaf”, which is used as a spice for cooking. Its peppery, camphorous, deeply herbal, and bold aromas lead to some pretty flavorful meals.



Also; when added to a diffuser, the oil has been used as a remedy for colds, or respiratory issues. When no complications surrounding skin sensitivities were present it was found to be quite effective against rheumatic ailments and in providing relief against other skin issues. It does work well as a base oil in an essential oil or essential oil fragrance blend. However, it is known to be quite sensitizing when applied directly to the skin and MUST be used in small quantities with a carrier oil.



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