Argan Oil | The Perfect Oil For Your Skin!

Argan Oil

Photo: Courtesy of Wikipedia

Oh, the good ole Argania Spinosa (Argan)! We are currently at odds between this oil and Neem Seed Oil as our favorites. Since Argan Oil is considered a non-comedogenic fatty acid, this beautiful raw material is perfect for topical substrate formulations. 

There is a good chance that pure Argan Oil may contain some sediment. You most likely will not encounter that but try not to freak out if you do. Also depending on the extraction method used, Argan Oil may be more resistant to oxidation than Olive Oil. Additionally, it is quite high in Linoleic Acid; which is good for regulating the PH of your skin, minimizing or even preventing breakouts, or evening skin tone. 

Argan is the featured oil in Beauvivo Body Butters; which are available annually only between the months of late October and the following March. 

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