An overview of Vitamin E and Its Benefits

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E is also a great antioxidant; which is one of the reasons why we use it in our soaps and body butters (body butters available as wholesale only). Look for “Vitamin E (Tocopherol)” if you want to take advantage of some of its benefits such as additional moisturizing capabilities, assisting with even skin complexion, and blocks free radical; which is believed to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. You want to make sure this additive is not applied neat (undiluted) to your skin since it is comedogenic. This is primarily because of its viscous composition. Breakouts are prone not only in facial applications but the entire body.

Be sure if it is added to your skincare routine that it is tested in small doses before regular use. When used diluted it works wonders for hair, scalp, skin, and nails.

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