A quick summary of Coconut Milk!

Skin loving and conditioning coconut milk




Did you know, Coconut Milk is a superb nourishing tool for your skin but is definitely considered sinful in terms of nutrition due to its high amount of saturated fat? The natural proteins present in coconut milk help to moisturize the skin and provide that extra ‘glow’ you may be looking for. It has been used to treat sunburns, soothe some of the affects of eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis due to the cooling affect it has on the skin. This makes it great for baths. You can try it via our Herbal Bath Infusions coming soon.


It is great for promoting elasticity and flexibility of the skin because of its moderate Vitamin C content. It is great for diy acne treatments because of its natural antimicrobial properties. Because of its texture, it provides light and soothing exfoliation for your entire body. Our Audacity and Belvedere soaps are a few of our most popular bars made with Coconut Milk. They provide a very silky, moisturizing, and conditioning skin loving experience you can immediately feel.

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