Beauvivo Custom Soaps

Create your own unique experience with our custom soaps!

Skincare Inspired by Tradition, Science, and Purpose

Beauvivo means “Beautiful Life” and our soaps, our products are part of something big, something that started many decades ago. The artistic, challenging, yet delicate art of soapmaking has been an intricate part of our family for many generations.

We call this...Tradition.  

We believe the pursuit of everything natural and organic is absolutely beautiful and we are well aware that it means nothing if our products are not safe for our family of customers. Our pursuit of natural skincare will be passionate. It will be vigorous, yet it will be backed by as much scientific research as possible regarding the ingredients we use. By doing this we will present you with quality products that will be as natural as possible, made with as many Certified Organic ingredients as possible, while being as safe as possible.

We call this our use of...Science.

We believe having beautiful skin can assist in having a beautiful life and you; as a unique soul, must own your natural beauty. There is no need to hide who you are. Let the world know this and don’t be afraid to show it. We will formulate products designed to cleanse and moisturize your skin while minimizing the use of unwanted chemicals. Our goal is to share what it feels like to care for and revitalize your skin in the most natural way possible. You are already a wonderfully made individual, a “Beautiful Life” and we want our products to support that.

We call this...Purpose!

Here's why people love us!

These soaps are well made, beautiful to look at and so enjoyable to smell! A perfect addition to The Tiny Greenhouse...thank you!

Rhiannon M.

Words don't begin to describe the amazing experience I had with Beauvivo. The communication with/about my order was top notch, and let's not talk about how delightful these soaps smell. They are refreshing, and I can't wait for my customers to enjoy them.

Kim B.

Item was shipped very quickly, smells WONDERFUL, and was packaged beautifully! I will definitely be ordering from you again.

Selena S.

I love these fantastic soaps which smell amazing and are so attractively packaged.

Constance B.

Ordered the sample pack of soaps for a friend and he loved it! It was beautifully wrapped and he said they all smelled great. He requested full size bars. Shipping was fast and ordering was easy.

Darin W.

I'm almost done with my first bar of soap. it is staying intact and good to the last sliver. I'm excited to get out my next one!

Jamie W.

Exactly as described! Will make great gifts for teachers!

Erin D.

My whole family loves the smell of roasted mocha mint and argue over who will wash their hands next! Fantastic product - fantastic quality.

Khalid A.

If you like quality handmade, soaps, and body butter made with essential oils, then you will love the products from Beauvivo!

Cindy W.

Oh yeah, and there's this!


Handcrafted Soaps

We make our products in small batches to ensure the quality of each and every product. While using Beauvivo products, the deliciousness of quality care is then applied to your skin.


Leaping Bunny Program Certified!

Yes, that's right! Beauvivo products are certified animal free and cruelty-free. Body clean. Conscience clean!


Natural Raw Materials!

Every Beauvivo Product is made with natural and Certified Organic ingredients which you can trust.



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